Friday, April 25, 2008

Animator vs Animation

I remember a video I saw long ago along the lines of the one above. The one I'm thinking of was stop-motion with a pencil and paper animation acting up. Because I enjoy a fair share of Flash animating myself, this one is so much cooler. Yay for great animations!

Fleep the pages of this comic book...

In light of the latest addition to the comics page, I'd like to present you all with a simple logical syllogism. Observe:

Major Premise: All good comics make Tony happy.
Minor Premise: Fleep is a good comic.
Conclusion: Given that Fleep is a good comic, Fleep must make Tony happy.

Which it does. Very much. I like its dark, sketchy style and the story is simple and unique. Enjoy!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Area Goro

I stumbled upon this website browsing for cool art. Goro does some amazing stuff. From paintings to 3d animation, Goro's craft blew me away.

I love imaginative art. Goro's style reminds me a bit of Tony Deterlizzi's artwork when he illustrated TSR's Planescape expansion. Whimsical and yet believable, Goro does a marvelous job making the fantastic seem concrete. Especially take a look through the Speedpaintings section of his gallery.

Spectacular stuff.